Choosing a local web designer can be a challenge since there are so many different types of technologies and websites can have many different purposes. While some people might at first think of their website as a personal expression, when it comes to business you'll have a much higher ROI if you focus on the end goal of your website - and that's to make money. Toward that end, while your website needs to look nice, it's far more important that it employ conversion-oriented design principles, which is a fancy way of saying that it needs to have the right things in the right places so that when a potential customer visits, they want to buy from you. Follow these tips and you'll improve your chances of having a website that helps your business profit so you can have more free time on the weekends doing things you enjoy.

Screen Layout

Stick with a single menu across the top, any navigational aids in the footer. Don't be tempted to include additional menus or links in your sidebars, since this will tend to cause your visitor to click around on your website. While that might increase their dwell time, what you really want is for them to either call you or complete your contact form, so you want to eliminate distractions and make that primary desired action stand out as much as possible.

Color Palette

Be very mindful on your use of color - a lot of people go overboard and it has been shown to hurt conversions. While there is some evidence that certain colors are better than others, I wouldn't obsess about this too much since being unique has some value as well. The main thing that you want to keep in mind about color is not to over-do it, and that when it comes to the primary action you want your visitor to take, you want the color used to emphasize it to be different and pop-out on the page so it catches their eye right away.

Page Load Speed

Your website has to load fast if you want to get to the top, and it is rated separately by Google for desktop and mobile. Ways to improve your page load speed are to use smaller or lower resolution images, dynamic image serving, and reduce the use of large image carousels or picture sliders that have become all the rage lately. You should also be using caching and a content delivery network.

Create Engaging Content

Provide the visitor with trust signals on your website, as well as providing actual helpful information. Demonstrate your expertise in the subject matter by helping them understand something better through written instruction or educational videos that allow you to illustrate that you know what you're doing without sounding like you're trying to sell them something. In this way, immediately stand out from the crowd.


Whether you need to either update your old website, implement a mobile version, get rid of old Flash technology, optimize your website for SEO, or improve the layout to get better conversions, choose the Raleigh NC web design experts that can create a site based on neuroscience - contact DunnTek.